Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness versus wealth

If you have the option of which you will choose?
wealth? happiness? or both?

I come from the middle of the community. Means not too poor or rich. Until now I never have a dream to be rich. Believe it or not? let people want to say anything, I do not have high ambitions, I have no dreams. I do not care about all that. Does not mean I do not have dreams. I also have a dream, but my dream is not going to be rich. My dream is to live. Happy in the world, happy in the afterlife. For me, this wealth will not guarantee a happy life.

Let us live simply. But happy. As the prophet Muhammad .
Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. He said: Rich is not because a lot of property. However, the rich are rich in heart.

But, I do not want to inhibit their dreams, those who want to pursue wealth. Please do so. Allah did not prohibit the servants gather wealth. Because if rich, be la lot of charity and Zakat. Only, we can not collect property let by way of that.

* All people have their own views about the true meaning of wealth and happiness.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i am always me....whether people like it or not..

The above paragraph is actually taken from a person who changed my life. she told not to care about what other people say and most importantly, we know ourselves how. I have a degree, but until now I no longer work. many people say that I am choosy, but they all do not know anything. they just know looking for mistakes and weaknesses of others. I hate people who just selfish with no thought for other people. sometimes I feel no need to study up to degree, Spm was already enough. but I believe there is wisdom behind it.

So I will hold the sentence `I am always me ... Whether people like it or not.` Who is like me will continue to love me and those who do not like me better watch yourself.

Determination in 2011

Usual every year people have new year resolution.. I also have a dream and a new determination.. First, I want to find and get the job I wanted. But not all we want can easily we get. We should strive to be what we want.. Second, I hope this year will be better than last year.. Each person must want the best in their lives..

If you want to be successful you must change your attitude. laziness, wait and wait, like chestnuts, and quickly give up. You must dispose all this attitudes from yourself.. Sometimes we talk more, but this is not changing our attitude.. you must placed your passion for change that all..

I was hoping someone could give me the motivation to achieve my ambition.. Love u baby..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome All

This is the first time I wrote the blog.. I was a bit awkward but eager to write in this blog.. I would not like to write, but very excited when I see other people blog.. My spirit also led me to this blog Developing.

I wish I could write, write and keep writing.